What is BIRD Community?

We designed BIRD Community to create a space where our alumni and journalists reporting on Southeastern and Central Europe can meet colleagues from different countries and interact to exchange ideas, data and information, collaborate on existing projects, or start new ones.

The idea was a result of more than 15 years of BIRN’s experience in connecting journalists across the Balkans and beyond to produce complex regional analyses and cross-border investigations, as well as its experience in providing comprehensive training in investigative reporting.

We want to (re)connect more than thousand journalists who were part of our programmes as fellows, trainees, grantees.  Other journalists reporting on the region are also welcomed to join.

Why join BIRD Community?

By creating a profile on BIRD Community, you will be able to join a secure, trust-based group of colleagues in order to rapidly get information or data that are relevant to your work, learn about the work of other journalists on a particular subject, or about ongoing projects, find missing contacts, participate in forum discussions, explore our datasets, ask for help or resources, and much more. This is also where we will post funding and training opportunities.

Who can become a member?

BIRD Community is intended for journalists that wish to connect with colleagues across the region of Southeastern and Central Europe and use this platform to improve their work through knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Although the platform is mainly for BIRN alumni, we welcome other colleagues from the region, too.

How do I join?

It’s easy! You need only create a profile on BIRD Community, similar to any other platform. Once your profile is created, you become a member of BIRD Community, and the information you have shared in the registration form becomes visible to the other members.

BIRN keeps the right to manage membership requests (deny/approve) and remove profiles that misuse the platform (e.g. insulting or discriminating other platform’s members, unauthorised processing of the information or content from the platform, harassment, share of hateful or discriminatory content, use of the platform for illegal actions, distribution and coping of the contacts from BIRD Directory, etc.) and violate BIRN’s code of ethics 

Who will have access to my data?

Any information you share is used solely with your consent and in order to allow the easy and efficient filtering of content, topics, possible connections.

BIRN will not gather or in any way use information about you or your behaviour on the platform.